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Coronavirus Measures By Kampo That Boasts a History of 2700 Years!

I considered measures of fighting coronavirus with Oriental medicine.
Please use this as a reference.

You can supposedly cure the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) with kampo (traditional Chinese medicine). The grounds for this are in the articles below.

・A Report of Seihahaidokuto for COVID-19 in China
Tokyo University Hospital Comprehensive Regional Medical Education Support Department,  Kampo Internal Medicine

・Chinese traditional medicine approach to coronavirus, Kampo as an option in Japan

・Now then, as a result of this research, the following supplements below are what I thought would be effective to prevent the virus on a daily basis.

Gyoseisō (Houttuynia cordata) Yamamoto Kanpoh Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
5g x 48 packets.

Banrankon Tochimoto Tenkaido Co., Ltd.
100% powder granules 400g


・Will 2 kinds of kampo (AB) help with prevention? When you’re starting to feel off..

(A) Gikeiban Rankontō  is made up of 8 different types of crude medicine.  Since the there is so much content in each one, you can expect strong results.

Gyoseisō, Banronkon, astragalus root, schizonepeta tenuifolia, licorice, ginger, peppermint, mulberry leaves.  A combination of 8 crude medicines.

(B) “Keibō Haidokusan” is made up of 17 types o crude medicines.  Since it’s mild and has a wide range of effects, it’s effective as a remedy for detoxification.

Based on a prescription to use for skin diseases(notopterygium, aralia cordata, bupleurum root, peucedanum root, poria sclerotium,ginseng, trifoliate orange, Chinese bellflower, cnidium rhizome, schizonepeta tenuifolia, saposhnikovia divaricata, licorice 8g,  similar to (A) it also includes medicinal herbs with antiviral action like Gyoseisō and Banronkon.

Both skin diseases and viruses come into contact from the outside of the body at first (skin and respiratory tract), so it is constructed based on the idea of driving away from that part first.

◆ Seikoen Hosono Clinic Tokyo(Ginza)03-5251-3637
1-2-14 Yurakucho, Chiyoda, Murasaki Building 4F

Kampo for fevers

Based on “Treatise on Cold Pathogenic and Miscellaneous Diseases” written by Zhang Zhongjing in the Han Dynasty.
Basically it is a combination of 5 prescriptions.

Seihaihaidokutō is effective in the lungs so not does it help with coronavirus, but with the flu as well.
Effective when the lungs experience pain from coughing, etc.

◆ Clinic 1. Toubon Chuui Clinic・Shinbashi
90 packets for 30 days prescription.  1 day = ¥354 per packet x 3 =¥1,062

1-5-9 Shinbashi, Minato, Tokyo,  TS Building 5F 03−6268−8582

◆ Clinic 2. Shinjuku Kampo Clinic
30 packets for 30 days prescription. 1 day = ¥923 per packet which you split into taking twice a day (morning and night)
teabag boiled in water type.
Soak 1 packet in 600ml of water until half (300ml) is boiled.  Take it twice, 150 ml each.
Boil with a special kampo boiling machine.

1-29-8 Shinjuku, Shinjuku, Tokyo Japan Public Health Association (Kōei) Building 3F 03-6273-2209

【Urgent Contribution】The Role of Kampo in Relation to the novel coronavirus  (COVID-19) (Japanese)