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Medication Currently Being Used to Treat Patients with Mild Symptoms of Coronavirus (Western Medicine)

Medication currently being used to treat patients with mild symptoms of coronavirus (Western Medicine)

Actually, it’s not that different from Chinese medicine. Its ingredients are to cure insect bites and rough skin.

(2) I see articles about side effects to Hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil) and how its not effective in every country.

If it’s this degree, Chinese medicine might be stronger.

It’s just my opinion.  This is information I’ve prepared if I get coronavirus.

Prescription: Two measures
・Take ivermectin and Plaquenil (pills)
・Inhale Ciclesonide 3 times a day

(1) Ivermectin (anthelmintic) is a remedy for parasitic infections that acts on mites and causes paralysis and death.

Novel Coronavirus Infection: Remedy Developed in Japan Receives Nobel Prize,“Ivermectin”, is Our Savior? (Masako Ishida) – Y! News (Japanese)

(2) About Plaquenil(Immunomodulator hydroxychloroquine sulfate
Plaquenil is a drug for malaria. Beware of retinopathy.

COVID-19, hydroxychloroquine use is not supported/Paris-Est Créteil University (Japanese)

The drug of hope for the novel coronavirus, hydroxychloroquine/USA・FDA Revokes Emergency Use Permit (Japanese)

(3) Ciclesonide
An inhaled steroid drug for children with asthma.

Novel Coronavirus Remedy, Vaccine Development Trend Summary COVID-19 (August 7th UPDATE/Japanese)  http://answers.ten-navi.com/pharmanews/17853/