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A Public Bath that Opens Enlightenment

Recently, whatever kind of meeting it is, I’ve been meeting with young entrepreneur, Yuki Naruse quite often in Kyoto.
He took me to a bathhouse in Shimogyo, Kyoto called “Hakusanyu”!

It’s a cold bath with spring water as the source. Being healed by the water spouting from the brass faucet, next you enter the hot bath. Alternate this and then take a 5 minute break.
It’s a strange feeling of clearness from every corner of the brain.  According to Mr. Naruse, this is how you can freely enter enlightenment.

After enjoying enlightenment, we put the spring water into a bottle and brought it back to the hotel.
After drinking the water, I was purified and a part of me could feel one with nature.
Please read the story of Mr. Naruse who invited me on this trip in the article below.

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