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Speedy Books and the Road to World Domination

Sometimes I receive royalties statements  from eBooks that I published in the past.

Amazon ¥6,102
MobileBook.jp ¥2,489
MediaDo ¥1,284
Booklive ¥1,225
Apple ¥812
Total ¥11,912
Of which 51% was from Kindle (Amazon)!
Surprisingly low.

Furthermore, Japans use of eBooks is extremely low! What a waste of paper! A realm that is late to DX.

China 83%
Korea 53%
U.S. 52%
England 46%
Germany 30%
Japan 24%

Speedy Books current has books released in Japanese and English and is thinking of releasing in Chinese, next.
In a work of 7.7 billion people, Japan has 120 million. 1.5 billion English-speaking people. If you add 140 million Chinese people, that’s 4 billion.
With these 3 languages, I can cover half of the world’s people. It’s enough even without Japanese. 😩
I think that books become a hit if they can have a high cover rate around the world.

↓ An article from March 3rd, 2020.
Speedy, Inc Launches New Publishing Enterprise, “Speedy Books.”