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The Long History Up Until “Asada-ka” Became a Hit

I am deeply moved to hear that the photographer, Masashi Asada’s “Asada-ka” will be made into a movie.

I met Mr. Asada for the first time in June 2007. At that time, I was fascinated by Mr. Asada’s family love and the many photographs that express it, and started producing.

In September 2007, P&G co-sponsored, and it became a hot topic after being distributed online. However, at that time, it was provided with a flip phone and not a smartphone! I can’t believe he made his debut with a 3.5-inch image!

↓ information from serialization at the time

↓In the same year, in October, he held his first solo exhibition on top of a snack bar in Kitahama, Osaka. It was impressive that the mother handed out rose flowers handmade to a small number of visitors.

↓The following year, in July 2008, a photo book was published by AKAAKA. Due to various reasons, he let go of the rights. Therefore, the story so far is not known to the world at all.

↓In March 2009, he received the Kimura Ihei Award, which is said to be the Akutagawa Prize in the photography industry, for this photo book. The day after the award was received,  he was glad that the artist, Yukinori Dehara, said “Congratulations”. After that, he forgot about this project.

↓Suddenly, in June 2020. Kazunari Ninomiya will star in his movie.

The point is that  I want to say that it takes time for content to become a hit. It’s been 13 years since I first met Mr. Asada, and I’m really glad that this unique work became known to everyone.

The movie will premier on October 2nd, 2020. Congratulations!

Atsushi Fukuda