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My Own TENET Experience: The Future Which Came About from 1984

My classmate from high school found a collection of writings and sent them to me.

This letter is from March 1984, which was 36 years ago, meaning I was 17 years old when I wrote this.
I wrote about some difficult things that I can’t even understand now (lol).

It was a lie that as you get older, you become smarter.

However, as I read, I see my love for Avram Chomsky and Claude Lévi-Strauss, and how I would read books from  “Misuzu Shobo” and “Hosei University Press” at Kyoto Shoin, so I wonder if this had an impact on me.

Atsushi Fukuda (DOB: 1965.7.26)
You need a watch to know the time.

If you don’t have a watch, you can’t really understand anything. It’s like a traveler being left alone in the desert. In other words, what separates humans and animals is the concept of “time”. Watches are used to set the time and relativize oneself to the era.

However, there is a biological rhythm in animals that, depending on the situation, one sleeps when it’s dark and wakes when the sun rises. In that case,  the abstraction of “time” can be taken completely as a concept. By the way, in the case of humans, time was once materialized through the clock and reconstructed as “space.”

Probably, such discourse in letters like this too, would be a task to spatialize time. Things like collections of texts as well, are nothing more than mythology of years that were cut out. In that, time stops and everything turns into a quiet tableau.

It’s inevitable that things are moved and corrected to the appropriate position. The kind of aphorisms like, “the good ol’ days” must have been censored.

We may not yet know how to handle “time”.  That’s why we worship time and things. It’s like pushing the shutter button without putting film in and feeling satisfaction.

However, I think if you know how to use “time” your view of “reality” will be more enriched. The collection of letters and texts may be a process of trial and error to get there.

Well, for now, it’s not a bad thing to make a collection of texts and beautify them. Because the time that once turned into a “thing” reassures people.

Instead of the preface・・・
(Alternatively, antithesis against past present)