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The Digital World Destroys Reality “OMO” (Online Merges with Offline) Era

For my birthday celebration, a friend had my “Mister F” LINE stamps made into icing cookies. Kayo made them. I’m so happy, and they look so good that I don’t want to eat them!

In this era, digital becoming reality is becoming the norm.
In 2004, when I digitized a large amount of existing content in the mobile internet world, most content holders showed rejection.

At the time, the status of digital was lower than that of analog. Now, finding digital forms of comics and streaming of movies is normal, but 16 years ago, this was something unfathomable.

Now, there is even the term “OMO” (Online Merges with Offline). The digital world is quickly destroying the analog world.

I’m going to sit here and enjoy the taste of these wonderful cookies made by Kayo while I think about the scene of that kind of era.