Speedy NEWS

Speedy Group’s Settlement of Accounts is Complete!

I came to the office for the first time in 7 months!
It’s been so long, I forgot to bring my laptop! 🤣

All of Speedy Group’s settlement of accounts has been completed, so the finance advisor, Mr. Tatsuki, and Ms. Oka and the account team  assembled. (July is the end of term)

All segments had increased sales and profits. A free cash flow without borrowing is positive as well. It’s been 2 1/2 years since the company was found in March 2018, I’ve been coming up with ideas live with my management abilities, without a business plan or vision,

Total sales are up 17.9%.
Profits before tax are up by 204.8%.

This term, I will challenge new ideas in XR entertainment, Okinawa resort development, DX-compatible consulting for HR, virtual human projects, and more!