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Habataku Inc.Shunsuke Ushida Thinks About a New Countryside Community

After coronavirus, people moving away from the dysfunctional city will increase.

I met Habataku Inc’s Co-Founder, Shunsuke Ushida, who will transform the countryside into a new community.

In the center of Gojome Town, Akita Prefecture, a business full of idea has begun.
From 2015, they began a “share village” using an old folk house, making a wonderful share office from a closed school, and managing unused real estate as “tada no asobiba” (simply a place to play).

The old folk house has beautifully renovated showers and toilets while offering the same wood-burning stove and earthen floor from the original old folk house. With ICT, you can resolve global problems in a small community, while living an abundant lifestyle with no inconvenience. They are making that dream society a reality. Amazing, right?

Shunsuke Ushida

“Community making democratization.
Rather than aiming for expansion and growth of one large village, small villages will be born one after another in an autonomous and decentralized manner, making the future loosely connected and more enjoyable!

We call it a co-creative community = “village” that goes beyond the relationships between producers and consumers, and charisma and followers, and are constantly developing a platform that is optimized for its launch and operation.

It’s “Village Tech” so to speak.
And, we will continue to societal experiments with various concepts,  utilizing the industry of the “village.””

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↓ The old folk house renovated into a share village “MACHIMURA”


↓ The closed school made into a share office.