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Thoughts in Akita About the Multi-Base Era Arrival

Thoughts in Akita

I experienced a number of unexplored regions and met entrepreneurs with plentiful ideas.

・entered a hot spring, with the source flowing from the river, naked.
・experienced a mysterious waterfall hot spring in the mountains.
・felt the coldness of Lake Tazawa from the experience of a sauna where you can polish your five senses that will make your brain      bloom.
・Saw the possibility of a share village as a “multi-site” that does not conflict with the city
・Offers from “Takamura” coming incessantly from Tokyo.
・Experienced the real feeling of many young entrepreneurs trying to make change in Japan.
・I will support their activities to cause crustal movements in Japan.

Only 40 minutes away from Tokyo.

There is also Odate-Noshiro Airport in Northern Akita.
The World Natural Heritage Shirakami Mountains, Towada-Hachimantai National Park, and Tamagawa Onsen are also nearby.

Exhausted from the social distancing in Tokyo due to corona, in Akita there is abundant nature, delicious food, and a free community.
I can only feel the possibilities. Let’s go to Akita, again!

Akita)The Prefecture Supports ideas of the Young Entrepreneurs and Their Ideas:Asahi Shimbun Digital (Japanese)