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About the Nation’s DX(Digital Transformation)

The highest expectation I have for the new Prime Minister Suga is the establishment of “digital agency”

Countries such as China are advancing in their own Nation’s DX (digital transformation), so I want Japan to not lose out and advance as well.

For that reason, I would like Japan to find excellent human resources from the digital native generation or IT-related companies as much as possible and appoint them to important posts.

If we can become a DX developed country like the ones below, just how convenient will it be for the people, and how much will the operating costs of the country be reduced?

With the national database “e-government, you can have access all administrative services with an IC chip ID card. In addition, 96% of the people file income tax returns on the Internet, and the introduction of IT in administrative infrastructure is progressing. Currently, it is a country that has a unique policy of issuing “virtual nationality” to people all over the world through a system called “eResidency”. I also possess that nationality.

Denmark :

In Denmark, which is a developed country of digital government, all master data of address and real estate information was created, and as a result of utilizing this, an economic effect of about 80 billion yen was produced in 5 years. Also, in Denmark, in the process of creating a law, it is checked whether the institutional design is suitable for the digital society and is described by a modeling method to clarify the business flow. As soon as the law is passed, it will be immediately created into the system and incorporated into social services.

“Digital Politics” Developed Country Confrontation! Denmark vs. Estonia (Japanese)