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Immortality : Search for the Phoenix


This time, the theme is “immortality.”

There are people who don’t do anything special but live for a long time. People with good genes and a strong immune system have longevity.

However, I can’t just surrender myself to such a coincidence with only one life to live. That’s when I thought how do I live past 100 and still keep my youth and energy.

When I think about the 42-year old papa in Tensai Bakabon (Genius Bakabon), the 42-year olds now and the 42-year olds then are completely different. 100 years ago during the Meiji Era, the average life expectancy was 44.  Now, it’s 85. That’s almost double. If you think about that, the advancements of the medical treatments from now and the understanding should keep us living healthy and longer.

In an aging society, it is important to take a defensive and offensive stance against illness.
First of all, with longer lives, in order to avoid illness, you need to deal with it.

Illness is a past settlement. To fight against the negative spiral of feeling ill→waiting at the hospital→having a painful treatment, you understand your condition (genome analysis, MRI, intestinal flora, etc) so that you can prevent the illness accordingly.

If you’re a person who thinks, “I don’t want to get examined if I’m not sick!” then you might not need to read this column.  However, please continue for those who are interested.
This conversation is slightly technical.


1. First, research genetic information from your blood!

Called a “MiRTeL Test”, before you become ill or before it’s too late after becoming ill, this test checks your genetic level through a blood test. There are 2 main types.

To check for hidden illness, there’s the “Telomere test” and to catch signs of cancer and dementia, the “Mir test” is implemented.

“Telomere test”(Pre-illness test)
Measures the strength of your genetics and fatigue to understand the risk of disease with aging.
Based on the examination results, you refine your lifestyle habits with the goal to prevent diseases.

In recent years, Angelina Jolie took the “Mir test” (early detection inspection), and as a result found out that she was at high risk of getting breast cancer, so she had breast resection surgery. You can understand with the latest predictive medicine and without developing a disease.

By the way, the full set of these tests are a little over ¥200,000 for Japanese patients (foreigners pay a different price and must consult)


2. Eliminate the element of death

1st Cancer (tumer) 373,178 people
2nd Heart disease 204,203 people
3rd Cerebrovascular disease 109,844 people
4th Senility 101,787 people
5th Pneumonia 96,807 people

This year, due to coronavirus, cases have increased with elderly people who catch colds that turn into pneumonia and die, but pneumonia ranks 5th for highest cause of death.

Overcoming cancer is the number one direct connection to living longer. As mentioned above, the MiRTeL test is the number one way to protect yourself by discovering any illnesses early on and receiving treatment. Finding out 100% early signs of cancer is difficult with only a blood test via a thorough medical checkup, MRIs, echo levels, etc. That’s why a regular “MiRTeL test” is necessary.

Heart disease and Cerebrovascular disease, which are ranked 2nd and 3rd, are both caused by Arteriosclerosis.  When they accelerate, obesity, high blood pressure, hyperglycemia, lipid metabolism abnormality , etc., occurs. If you already have high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high cholesterol levels, high triglyceride levels, etc. then you can only protect yourself by watching your food intake, exercise and sleep for a stress free lifestyle.

What should you do to maintain a healthy body? Premise with a strong physique (exercise in the form of going to the gym, running, etc.), and strong mentality (practicing zen, sauna). Elements other than these that you should be aware of that will become important are high immunity levels and strong intestines.

3. First, to get started, give yourself a high immunity with “autologous lymphocyte” treatment! 

For people over 50 who suddenly lose immunity, this will strengthen your immunity.

lymphocytes are a type of white blood cell component in the blood that form a team to attack foreign enemies such as viruses and foreign substances such as tumors. Furthermore, it memorizes the foreign substances that have entered the body to beat the substances when they’ve entered the body again. The more lymphocytes=the higher the immunity.

A person’s immunity peaks at 20 with 100 and is cut in half when you’ve passed your 50s.
Immunity is the number of soldiers in your body that will defend you. The less soldiers you have, the more prone you are to colds and viruses, you won’t be able to repel cancer. If something bad enters your body, it’s better to have many soldiers fighting. Therefore, this treatment is called “preventive medicine.”

This “autologous lymphocyte treatment” began over 20 years ago as a treatment for early stage cancer patients. Only in recent years has it been applied to healthy bodies as well, and the Ministry of health has approved clinical use in the last few years.

All you do is go to the specified clinic, and give a blood sample.
2 weeks after the blood sample, the lymphocytes are cultivated by 1000 by said specialists. Those cultivated lymphocytes are returned to you every month via IV.


Below, is a page from the Japanese comic, “Cells at Work!” (Author: Akane Shimizu), an anthropomorphic comedy about body cells. When viruses and other substances enter the body, the lymphocytes inside the body called the “Killer T Cells” defeat and kill the viruses. The number of these killers is the amount of immunity. Comics make this easier to understand!



4. Possibility of regenerative medicine

This general treatment is called “regenerative medicine.” This is the ability of one’s body to regenerate on its own as a medical treatment. If you cut a lizard’s tail, it will grow back, but it takes 326 to regenerate. By the way, the human gene has 3.7 billion bases. In recent years, AI has read at tremendous rate these genes and what roles they place.

Professor Yamanaka discovered that the role of these genes could be elucidated, cultured, and transplanted to regenerate skin, blood vessels, muscles, and bones with the discovery of IPS cells.

“Regenerative medicine” requires 3 stages of evolution.
Tissue stem cells (adipose stem cells) → iPS cells →ES cells

The human genome is programmed with 3.7 billion bases. In recent years, AI can analyze the cancer part of the genome from the vast amount of genetic information of cancer patients, and can treat in a way that is suitable for them (precision medicine).

Precision medicine provides personalized precision medicine (or personalized medicine) based on genome analysis. It analyzes each person’s gene mutation and prescribes suitable medicine according to the results.

In 10/22/2019 NEWS WEEK, it introduces the attempt to make a drug that re-identifies the causative DNA of cancer by having an AI check the genome analysis (Japanese).

By the way, the genome is a human blueprint consisting of 3.7 billion base pairs.  There are 200 million genes there. This refers to the state in which 1 set (2 sets) of DNA information is included. A gene is a part of DNA. there are parts in which there is no genetic information as well.

Genome > DNA > Genes

In fact, cancer is a problem with intracellular proteins, and when the immune system is weakened, it mutates cells and proliferates bad copies.

The target of the drug is not a gene, it’s a protein. It simply loads the case of the protein pattern into AI and finds a prescription to prevent bad movements. Therefore, uniform radiation therapy does not work for everyone. Genetic testing should be the standard treatment for cancer.

Genome editing (CRISPR- Cas9), which won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry the other day, has made it possible not only to regenerate but also to produce improved varieties by freely editing the genome.


5. Now then, what is the treatment to staying young? 
First of all, what is attracting attention in the field of beauty. “Autologous stem cell culture supernatant treatment”. It’s a mouthful.

This is said to be the trump card for immortality (ultimate anti-aging).
“Self stem cells” (mesenchymal stem cells existing in bone marrow and adipose tissue, which have the ability to change into various cells) are produced by “culture supernatant” (extracting cell components) created as the supernatant liquid.

The treatment method is to collect about 10 to 20 cc of abdominal fat, culture the stem cells contained in the tissue, and return it to the body by intravenous drip once every few months.

As a result, it has the effect of strengthening the skin and blood vessels by rejuvenating the cells. These treatments do not feel like an “improvement” for healthy people who have become ill. It is also not covered by insurance. Preventative medicine to stay healthy does not have any meaning unless you consider it an investment in your future. There are those that think that if they don’t do anything, it’s all the same, saying “I’m healthy, so I don’t need it.” However, cancer comes without any warning. It comes in the same way as old age, but for those who want to stay young as much as possible, you can maintain youth by increasing lymphocytes, securing immunity that is less susceptible to disease, culturing stem cells and strengthening skin and blood vessels.

Some clinics inject stem cells that aren’t yours, but I don’t recommend this.

The cost varies depending on the clinic, but lymphocytes cost 2-5 million Japanese yen annually (roughly around $19,000 to $48,000 USD). By the way, 10 years ago this procedure cost about 20 million Japanese yen (around $190,000 USD). I think it will drop around 1/10th if the procedure becomes generalized.
Stem cell culture supernatant treatment costs around 3-5 million Japanese yen ($29,000- $48,000 USD). This will also decline in the future depending on acknowledgement and past achievements.


6. The ultimate rejuvenation method “Telomere” 

Do you know about Elizabeth Parrish?


This person’s family was doomed to be short-lived when her son was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 5. She refused to let her son die so quickly, so she started a business in Silicon Valley and created a research company for immortality and longevity to collect money (BioViVa USA).  Since there was a risk of carcinogenicity, she herself became a lab rat and went to Columbia for treatment. By the way, this treatment costs around 100 million Japanese yen (about $955,000 USD). This is extremely expensive!

The treatment is via IV of a genetically modified virus. As a result, she succeeded brilliantly (no side effects thus far), and although she was 48 years old at the time, she became 30 years old through the treatment.

The treatment was to extend telomeres in the DNA that cause aging.
DNA is the basis that forms all human cells and is metabolized by cell division that divides regularly.
The tip of that DNA are telomeres. Telomeres protect chromosomes, otherwise DNA will be damaged and unable to divide. Therefore, the cells also age.

Telomeres shorten slightly with each cell division.
And when it gets shorter than a certain length, the cells can no longer divide. This is why you age.

Telomeres not only shorten with age, but also with stress, smoking, obesity, lack of exercise and an unhealthy diet.

The length of telomeres represent biological youth. Age-related weakening of immunity is also associated with telomere length. By the way, the telomere length before Elizabeth Parrish’s treatment was 6,710 base pairs, while it was 7,330 base pairs after the operation. That is a 20-year extension. The white blood cells rejuvenated. By the way, you can look into your telomere length for about 50,000 Japanese yen ($478 USD). Please try it!

And, although not as effective as the injection, an enzyme called telomerase is heavily involved in telomeres, making it possible to delay or stop shortening.

Recent research has also made it possible to lengthen telomeres.

The activation of telomerase has made it possible to do the following:

・Identify short parts of telomeres, repair telomere length, and delay shortening.
・This evokes cell division again and activates the cells themselves.
・It is possible to maintain or lengthen the telomere length.

Telomerase is found in the human body and decreases with age. However, when human cells are exposed to telomerase enzymes, they slow down their aging and begin cell division again. Prolonged telomeres transform gene expression in cell division into a younger form, resulting in younger cell function.

The 2009 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was presented to telomere researchers who discovered telomerase, and expectations are high for the further development of telomere research.



7. Now then, let’s maintain health that’s closer to you. 

You often hear about intestinal flora (intestinal bacteria) these days.
The intestines are said to be the “second brain”, but that’s not the case. The intestines are related to longevity as much as the brain is related to the “second intestine.”
First, let’s look into how intestinal flora works (about 20,000 Japanese yen or $191 USD).

The proportion of major intestinal bacteria (lactic acid bacteria, bifidobacteria, live butyric bacteria, equol-producing bacteria, etc.) can be found. From this, the diversity (balance) of the intestine can be understood. (Not only the presence or absence of bacteria that are prone to gain weight, but also how to reduce the risk of illness)

By adjusting the intestinal flora, good bacteria can be increased and bad bacteria can be reduced.
You can take measures by doing things such as drinking frozen live bifidobacteria.

I activate my intestines with kampo (Chinese medicine). Since kampo can be mixed depending on the person, the optimal intestinal environment can be prepared for oneself. First of all, get counseling around here about your intestinal condition, because there are so many ways to deal with it.

8. Summary

I wrote immortality but, unfortunately, all people die someday. Ayurvedic means that you can live up to 126 years old, but if you want to live a lively and lively life instead of being bedridden, it is best to do whatever you want without stress.

Eat often, sleep often, exercise often, travel often, and laugh often. There are many times when you can’t, but in the mind of zen, it says to treasure the “now” and live in the moment. Don’t think about yesterday or tomorrow.

If you do this, even if you live only until 80, you’ll believe and feel like you lived a life of 100 years.

What I wrote here was just my feelings, but each person’s strategy for longevity is good. However, as a premise, I believe it’s important to have a strong will to “live longer!”

Will my grandparents be able to live until their grandchildren come? I can’t figure this out with science, but I believe people have strong wills.

“I must do the things that I want!”

That spirit might be the engine to immortality.