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Speedy Resorts Staff Meeting Regarding Ground Survey

Speedy Resorts

Today is the ground survey result check and a meeting with the staff on how to proceed from here.

The depth of the land can only be seen in drawings since it has too much jungle.
That’s why I had to check the whole picture while going down the cliff.

It will be revealed whether this resort will be 3 floors or 4 floors (I think? lol).
At the very least, it has been decided that the first floor is the height of the rooftop.

Continuing on the path to Shinbaru (Mi-baru) Beach, there are many highly aggressive mosquitoes and it’s mostly jungle.
If we’re able to successfully open to the beach. we can make implement diving from a sauna into the ocean!

I have produced various types o entertainment such as satellite broadcasting, iMode, film, theatre, galleries, characters, etc., but I believe this will be my first time developing a resort.

When I was in my 20’s, I was holding TFC’s founder, Banjiro Uemura’s bag being accompanied into the world, and saw, touched, and was taught all kinds of architectural styles. I believe I can also utilize that experience.

Mr. Uemura designed a Southern France style pool resort home in Oyamadai, Setagaya, and also had his own interior company called National Trading. His knowledge of art was also deep, and now that I think about it, Mr. Uemura’s discipline has had a great positive influence on me.
The completion of the resort is planned  for 2022, so please look forward to it!

In the snap above…
・The real estate business of 60 years who turned over the land to me, “Miebashi Shoji” Mr. Toyama(3rd from the left)
・Design company “Atelier TETE” young architect supervisors,  Shunya & Kaori Yamamoto(the 2 on the right)
・Surveying team, “Uehara Jimusho” Mr. Uehara (2nd on the left) and Mr. Sugimoto(the first on the left)
I will do it all in Okinawa!