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Okinawa Radio Station “FM Nanjo” Debut!

It has barely been half a year since I moved to Nanjo City in Okinawa Prefecture…
Finally, I’ve debuted on a local FM station lol

I commented on ways for seniors who are living a life of leisure in Okinawa on ways to easily understand and study the digital world.

FM Nanjo “Senior Dream Life”(No.373)←How long has this program being broadcasting?!

Personality: Yoshi Arai

Opening Theme Song: “Ojii no Nageki” (Grandpa’s Grief) Arakaki Akira
Every Thursday, 15016 live broadcast.  You can listen on 77.2MHz or via the app “ListenRadio”.
It will re-broadcast on October 25th, 2020 (Monday) from 4pm-5pm.