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I Visited Nanjo City, Okinawa Prefecture’s “Ukon Salon” Run by Businessman, Seikichi Shimoji(Developed Shugo Densetsu!)

Is this the most famous Nanjo City, Okinawa thing known in Japan?

Ryukyu Shugo DensetsuRyu ga Gotoku” (Yakuza)!
I came to the vast herb garden where it’s manufactured and sold run by the representative director, Seikichi Shimoji of Okinawa Chosei Yakusou Headquarters!

Herbs and medicinal plants are collected from all over the world at this 4,500 tsubo farm (160,124 sq ft.). In Okinawa there are rare tea trees,  Eucalyptus, cinnamon trees, and echinacea, which is effective against viruses such as the flu, bloom.

Also, because Okinawa’s climate is similar to India’s, Aryuveda (means the wisdom of longevity in Indian) medicinal plants and spices are also cultivated.

In one corner within the farm, there is “UKON SALON” which is a buffet-style restaurant where you can enjoy abundant pesticide-free vegetable and herb-oriented meals.

Herb tempura, 18 kinds of herbal liquor Chibichi stew, Okinawa Ogon Ukon Curry,  38 kinds of grass (leaves, trunks, roots, flowers, fruits) blended into an easy-to-drink tea called “Fujirai A.”

President Shimoji brought back seedlings from Turkey that became black carrots for soup and more that will make you live a long time!

President Shimoji is crazy, but he is a pure and amazing person.