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Ray Yamada as Model for Photographer, Yasutaka Seki “Just Sing Photo Exhibition” Being Held!

Ray Yamada models for a photo exhibition which is being held in Fukuoka!
Please check it out!
Yasutaka Seki Photo Exhibition
“Just sing”
【Event Date】October 20th, 2020 (Tues) – November 3rd, 2020 (Holiday)
【Event Location】α Plaza
※Sony Store Fukuoka Tenjin 2F

– Just sing –

At the time the pandemic hit and stirred up the world, the daily life you took for granted was blown away, and pointing to a change of a new tomorrow.

Inside all of that confusion, we, the artists were in a position to be the first to be insulted.
Because it’s not always a necessity to live…

The state of panic continued, and you realize that people have fallen into suspicion, and even shedding a bit of kindness can seem extremely difficult.

Criticism & confrontation    Nerves that wear down
And then, artists hearts about to break from the expression.

At that time, an old friend, singer and songwriter, Ray Yamada’s energetic activities caught my eye.
What are her thoughts? What kind of difficult and bitterness has she tasted? So, to lick each others’ wounds, I asked for an interview.

However, she looked straight into my eyes and gave to me words I wasn’t expecting at all.

“Now it’s our turn, right?”

The choice to continue singing as an artist in the “now’ when everyone is required to change.
This easy decision is difficult now.
There’s a mountains worth of reasons of frustration.

Her words hit home to me, so I decided to make her the subject of the photos.

At least, as an edge of an artist.

Yasutaka Seki