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Speedy Gallery Online Viewing : Enjoy the Art Gallery in LA from Your Smartphone!

Speedy Gallery Online Viewing.

You can now enjoy LA “Speedy Gallery” from anywhere in the world.

Speedy Gallery Inc.(California) is pleased to release the launch of a fully immersive online exhibition with V21 Artspace (London) who has created virtual exhibitions and galleries for some of the top galleries and museums all over the world such as Hauser & Wirth and Nottingham Contemporary. The online gallery is available for viewing from November 1st, 2020.


You can even enter the gallery from your smartphone, without downloading any app!

It will be the second platform after “Walter’s Cube” (New York), which was announced on June 21, 2020.

All five exhibition rooms (2,400 sq. ft.) at Speedy Gallery in Los Angeles, where stay-at-home measures continue, were carefully measured utilizing the platform, Matterport by Matterport, Inc. (San Francisco, CA). The process required 6 cameras and 1 3D scan camera to reproduce the gallery realistically in digital form.

Art lovers from all over the world can purchase all artworks via Speedy Shop which can be accessed by clicking on the artworks in the online gallery.

Currently, Speedy Gallery is holding an exhibition called “What is Your Balance?” by Moeko Maeda with salt paintings that are sure to give you a purifying effect even in the virtual world. Other artworks in the virtual exhibition by top Japanese artists such as Japanese ink artist, Shukou Tsuchiya, and Tetsuya Tamanoi whose art sculptures are influenced by pop culture are available for viewing. Britney TOKYO, who is a famous nail artist adored by the stars, has branched out into the world of contemporary art which you can view in the VR exhibition, as well.

Speedy Gallery first opened in 2018 in Downtown Los Angeles and changed locations this year in March.
Address:2525 Michigan Ave. B5B, Santa Monica,90404

Speedy Group (HQ Tokyo Japan), has strategized to advance into more DX (digital transformation), post-coronavirus, by completely reproducing its Los Angeles art gallery online.