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Time Flies, A New Challenge Continues!

It seems the company I founded 5 years ago had its 10 year anniversary.
…which means, it’s been 15 years since then!

Time flies, and a new challenge continues!

@AtsushiFukuda wrote
November 28th, 2015
Since I was a child, I liked to make people smile. Making people smile made me happy. That’s why I think I made a living off of the entertainment.

From that feeling, Sony Digital Entertainment Services Inc. took shape.

To make people happy, you have to have that suitable skill.  That’s why you need professionals in that field. Around me were amazing creators, which made my work possible for the first time.  Music, art, film, comics, this singing voice, this hue, this story can change your life drastically.  I believe that I was born for that amazing moment.


Photographer: Yukiko Koshima