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The Frontline of the Coronavirus Vaccine: In Order to Protect Citizens, There Needs to be a Development System in Your Own Country

We must not forget that the development of the Covid19 vaccine utilizes state-of-the-art scientific technology.

In the background of this high-speed development is this year’s winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, Genome editing.
By detoxifying humans with genome editing of cold bacteria that are affected by chimpanzees, they succeeded in producing antibodies.

There are 3 vaccines that are reaching the final stages of development by Oxford, Pfizer, and Moderna.
Intake will begin next month in the US and England. And naturally, the elderly and people in the medical field are first in line.

Japan, who has hardly made developments in its own country, must wait until after.
If more than half of all citizens will be vaccinated, it is possible for the virus to be resolved by way of herd immunity.
I think, at the earliest, it will take until summer 2021.

As a lesson this time, the Japanese government needs to fully budget its investment in rapid vaccine development in preparation for new pandemics that will emerge in the future.

Major reforms must be made with the premise of societal understanding of academic technology. Now, more than ever, there ought to be a re-recognition of the necessity of science.