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At Naoki Inose’s Birthday Party, I Reunited, After 36 years, with Soichiro Tahara!

Naoki Inose’s Birthday Party!

ENEKO TOKYO’s perfect social distancing measures made this a comfortable celebration to participate in.
It was a party full of awesome members such as Yoichi Ochiai, Soichiro Tahara, Asahi Shuzo CEO, Kazuhiro Sakurai,  The president of Prior Holdings managing ENEKO, Kenzo Matsui and more.
Wife and artist, Yuki Ninagawa beautifully partitioned the party with delicate consideration. As expected!

Before becoming acquainted with Naoki Inose, he was a relatively enthusiastic writer.
I’ve read through his masterpieces such as “Tennou no Kageboshi” (1983), “Mikado no Shozo” (The Mikado’s Portrait/1986), “Yokubo no Media” (1990),   and “News no Kōkogaku” (1992), all the way to his recent works, “Nipponkoku/Fuan no Kenkyu” and “Oyake.”

Especially, “Yokubo no Media” is something I recommend for media-related people even today. If you don’t read this, you will not be able to keep up with the conversations of Japanese television media and entertainment, today.

For those interested in entertainment, please read my blog article reference.
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Also, I was able to meet Soichiro Tahara at the party who I haven’t seen in 36 years! During my university years at the Nihon University College of Art, I took a class on journalism, and Mr. Tahara regularly came to lecture the class. As the first secretary at 19 years old, I nervously went to his house in Shakuji Park to negotiate about a guarantee. I will never first his voice as the first voice of the class.

“Are you guys dating?” Everyone became tense, but I think he meant that if you weren’t interested in people, you couldn’t be a journalist!

After, he did a program on Asahi TV for a while, where for a part-time job, I gathered 100 students to sit in the backstage audience until tomorrow, and I succeeded in one night. This was the first “live TV until morning” program. The guarantee for the students who came was a Big Mac and ¥2,000. I received ¥20,000 for gathering the students.

Come to think of it, at that time, I was more suited to be a businessman than a journalist. (lol)
Naoki Inose’s birthday party was a day full of intellectual excitement.