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Online Discussion “With an Anywhere Door, Live with High Happiness.”(Brand Consultant, Atsushi Fukuda x ADDress President, Takashi Sabetto)November 30th, 2020 from 7pm!

I will appear in an online discussion! (free)

for this discussion, I will speak with the president of “ADDress” who promotes multi-base life, Takashi Sabetto.

For ¥40,000 a month, you can live in cottages or vacant houses around Japan via his company that is attracting attention for its groundbreaking services.
↓If you register here, you can watch for free.

This online event is sponsored by ShareWing, Inc, which develops various business with temples as a platform.


This time, we will promote a service where you can temple train everyday online, “CLOUD HOTEL”

Event Information

November 30th, 2020 (Mon) 7:00pm-8:15pm (can enter from 6:50pm)

・Discussion Talk Part1 from 7:00pm
“Find Beauty in Your Training Habits!”
CLOUD HOTEL Ambassador Introduction
KIMIKO ポスチャースタイリスト® (Posture Stylist) POSTURE WALKING ASSOCIATION Representative Director
Monk Genjun Kondo, CLOUD HOTEL Content Producer

・Discussion Talk Part2 from 7:35pm
“With an Anywhere Door, Live with High Happiness.”
CLOUD HOTEL Open Commemorative Special Talk
Atsushi Fukuda  Brand Consultant
Takashi Sabetto     ADDress President

Lastly, we will do Zazen meditation from 8:05pm with everyone.