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A Place for Virtual Humans to Live

Courtesy of The Procter & Gamble Company

Recently, virtual humans such as IMMA have started to appear in the entertainment world around the world.
This is a fake human creation made up of 3DCG.

Virtual human celebrities don’t cheat or do drugs, but whether or not it is possible to replace human celebrities is a different matter, I believe.

Some years ago, a famous actress was selected for an action film award. However, that actress, Etsuko Shihomi (A famous Japanese action star), did not use her body for these stunts. It was CG technology that created the actions stunts.

I don’t know if you can call it a legitimate deep fake, but…Everyone knows the face and body and the actress, but the movement was made by CG.

In France, the government made a new law that if businesses used models for ads, etc., and altered the body shape, the image is to be clarified as a “retouched photograph.” It can be said it’s a restoration of humanity.

When looking at the appearance and videos, there are mixed reactions of the viewers such as “robots look similar to humans” and “robots are exactly the same as humans.”  These 2 strong distaste in reactions is called the “uncanny valley.”

Characters like Mickey Mouse don’t try to approach humans. It’s because they can live on forever inside the paradise of animation.

If you’ve thought this far, isn’t it that virtual humans biggest role is that they are something that can’t be human? If you understand creatively to assure humans that it looks similar to a human, but it’s actually virtual, then virtual humans will  be recognized and live on in their virtual human world.

So, I believe you can rest assured that virtual humans will not steal your jobs just as the “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba” hit movie didn’t reduce any job opportunities.

This video is a commercial for Japan, USA, and China.
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