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Human life ; something small and something quite large

Some say that humans are tiny, insignificant beings.


This is true, in a sense. Human life is a mere 100 years in the vast 13.7 billion-year history of our universe.

Our Earth is only 510 million square kilometers in a universe 30 billion light-years in size (1 light year = 10 trillion km).
From the perspective of outer space, human life does not warrant even the batting of an eyelash.
To it, we may be nothing more than little ants.
This may be so, but I believe that human lives also hold endless possibilities.


Find your passion, and treasure the joy that it brings.
Take risks and go on adventures to discover new landscapes.
Do not let circumstances control you.
Be the controller instead.
It doesn’t matter what people say.
Take the path you believe in.
Do not be bothered by other peoples’ opinions.


…I have had a lot of requests for advice lately, so here is a little note.