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Desires and Insights: The Everyday Life of an Insight Hunter (By: Naoki Sakai and Hiroaki Shikata / Sold by Speedy Books) Commemorative Talk Event Recording

A talk event for “Desires and Insights,” published by Speedy Books, was held. You can find it at the YouTube link below. It’s really interesting!(1hr26min)

From Naoki Sakai’s post:
The hour and a half flew by thanks to Ms. Nishimura’s smooth news anchor delivery. We received a lot of questions, and the back and forth communication style made the event very lively.

This publication is a project by Speedy, which is run by Representative Director Atsushi Fukuda. The publishing division was created due to anger. When he tried to publish a book at a certain publisher, the person in charge told him that he didn’t have enough followers on social media, hadn’t published enough books in the past and that they thought that he had little chance of publishing in the numbers he wanted.

He was so angry he went and made his own publisher. This made me remember the relationship between Lamborghini and Ferrari.

Is it true that Lamborghini was created due to anger toward Ferrari? Supposedly Lamborghini began making supercars due to anger felt toward Ferrari.

Its founder, Ferruccio Lamborghini, was born in 1916. He was born to a family of farmers near Bologna. He had a strong interest in mechanics, including an interest in the agricultural machinery used in his family’s work.

Lamborghini Trattori was a tractor company, and they still sell Lamborghini tractors to this day. Giugiaro is responsible for designing them.

Ferruccio Lamborghini looked at Ferrari, and, as an engineer, he became angry at the surprisingly low level of performance they offered. He went to Enzo Ferrari to speak to him directly about possible improvements but was turned away.

He supposedly was so angry at this time that he decided to make his own supercars. Business leaders having a bit of anger is just as true now as it was then.

The book is available in paperback and on Kindle Unlimited.