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Speedy Books overseas strategy for 2021!

We had a meeting with Mr. Shinsuke Tsutsumi (who is also an advisor to our company) about our overseas expansion plans next year.

We hope to publish English translations of around five Japanese science fiction and fantasy titles next year.

I was born in 1965 and it was the second science fiction boom when I started to understand what was going on in the world. Since the higher grades of elementary school, I began reading “SF Magazine” whose chief editor was Masami Fukushima voraciously. I started with the stories of Taku Mayumura before branching out to those of Sakyo Komatsu, Aritsune Toyota, and Yasutaka Tsutsui, whose stories in every issue I had looked forward to very much.

I remember being in junior high school in 1978, the year when the magazine “STARLOG” was published and the movie “Star Wars” was released! There were also many special features on “Star Trek” whose rerun I was watching, and this became one of the formative experiences in my journey of reading and watching movies.

After talking more with other people of my generation, my tastes began to change (after junior high school) and I started to wonder if I should explore Western movies or Japanese anime. I haven’t watched “Gundam” yet, but I became more and more interested in Western movies and even joined Columbia Pictures when I grew up.

Although Japanese comics were often adapted into Hollywood movies at one point in time, I think it would be great if the wonderful science fiction and fantasy works of Japan can also be shared more with the rest of the world.

What genre of science fiction do you enjoy? Please let me know! I hope to learn more about your thoughts and share more of Japan’s amazing works with our global audience.


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