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Dreaming of post-COVID life like a bird…

I went for a light run along Hyakuna Beach, the birthplace of the Ryukyu Kingdom.

The harmony between the sounds of the waves and the birds made me feel really good.

Warm-blooded animals such as birds (i.e., animals that can maintain a constant body temperature regardless of the surrounding temperature) don’t need to hibernate.

Birds can easily fly to places that suit their needs, so birds in cold places migrate to locations in the south like Okinawa. Humans are also warm-blooded animals and we can go wherever we like even without wings.
But this year, this hasn’t been possible because of COVID-19, and we weren’t able to enjoy the vast world we live in.

At the very least, I’m glad I was able to travel like a bird to Okinawa, the southernmost tip of Japan, and enjoy its natural surroundings without needing a passport.

Our work at Speedy for the year will end tomorrow.

We hope that everyone can enjoy a relaxing Christmas and New Year at home.
Hopefully, we will overcome COVID-19 next year and welcome a new era.

R. Kelly – I Believe I Can Fly