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Speedy Inc., Announcing a new agent contract with actress Harumi Inoue!

Speed Inc,., is happy to announce we have entered into a new agency agreement with actress Harumi Inoue!

We decided to work with Harumi Inoue because we resonated with her desire to, “Live in Kumamoto, raise my children, and be myself both as an actress and mother.”

We want to escape from the conventional idea that one cannot be involved in the entertainment industry without being based in Tokyo.
With the changes to society driven by COVID-19, the entertainment industry is considering what new business models should look like. In the television industry, the emergence of “black ships” such as Netflix has brought a similar climate of worry and reflection. Compared to the golden age that was the 1980s, the current Japanese TV drama market appears to be weakening and has been overtaken by both South Korea and China.

As a team, we will support Harumi Inoue, using various new media platforms and coming up with activities that will allow her to be active in Asia and around the world without needing to relocate to Tokyo.

Just as with ordinary companies, we are convinced that the future of the entertainment industry lies in “innovation by human talent with a high capacity for digital transformation.” By remaining in Kumamoto while staying active, Harumi Inoue is taking on precisely this kind of necessary digital transformation. Instead of waiting for client offers, she, as an entertainer and personality, produces content herself and delivers it directly to fans. Her activities will allow her to serve as a role model for the D2C (Direct to Consumer) era.

Atsushi Fukuda


Harumi Inoue’s comment
“I am currently living in my hometown of Kumamoto with my three children and husband. When I married, I decided to leave Tokyo, where I had lived since my debut.

“Living with nature and without a TV or microwave oven, the days passed as I absorbed myself in raising our children. Balancing this life with my work in the entertainment industry, which would require moving to Tokyo, was a challenge. However, while raising our children in Kumamoto and cherishing our family life, my desire to continue my beloved work as an actress never weakened. I decided to do what I could, one thing at a time. Making use of my experiences raising children and living with nature, I acquired qualifications for aromatherapy (first class), macrobiotics, Yakuzen Meister (medicinal cooking), and anger management instruction (kids and teens).

“Amidst this unwillingness to give up on a lifestyle that was unique to me, Atsushi Fukuda of Speedy Co., Ltd. agreed with my goal and said, ‘Let’s work together.’

“Going forward, I would like to work with the talented team at Speedy to take on various challenges, approach everything with a positive mindset, and grow both as an actress and as a person. Thank you for your support.”

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Photograph/Itaru Hirama

Stylist /Mari Hamada

Hair/Make-up /Tomoko Sato

Shooting Liaison /Junko Io (Speedy, Inc.)