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“Ashita ga Aru sa” performed by a spectacular lineup comprising NON, Yoshihide Otomo, Sachiko M, Kyoko Koizumi, Toshinori Omi, Hairi Katagiri, Eri Watanabe, and Minori Omi!


“Ashita ga Aru sa” performed by a spectacular lineup!

This cover was performed by the 3 members of “NON Tomo. M” of NON, Otomo Yoshihide, and Sachiko M alongside other guests with whom they have deep connections!

Guests who participated in this recording include Kyoko Koizumi, Toshinori Omi, Hairi Katagiri, Eri Watanabe, as well as Minori Omi who was the voice actress for Keiko Kuromura in “In This Corner of the World.”

This track is also on “NON Tomo. M”‘s first album “Show ga Hajimaru yo!”  released today.
1st Album
Release date: December 24th (Thursday), 2020
Streamed here: https://linkco.re/MUYDaCXT

We covered the song “Ashita ga Aru sa (There’s always tomorrow)” because I wanted to do something positive during these difficult times. I’m really happy that we could perform this song again with so many wonderful and energetic people.
We recorded a great rendition of “Ashita ga Aru sa” with this spectacular lineup.
Our performance brought a smile to my face when I was watching the MV. I still remember how fun it was doing the recording and how fast my heart was racing.
We had begun with a recording of me singing enthusiastically along with Koizumi-san and Omi-san, before Eri-san brought us many snacks like pineapples, yogurt, and corn which got everyone excited. Hairi-san and Minori Omi-san did their recording at a later date and when I listened to the completed recording, I was stunned by how good it sounded and I couldn’t stop playing it.
Otomo-san was the one who had suggested asking everyone over to record this song, and I’m really happy that we could do it for real. I hope that our recording of “Ashita ga Aru sa” can bring lots of positive energy to as many people as possible during these difficult times. Please listen to it, everyone!!

●Yoshihide Otomo
Hachidai Nakamura is one of my favorite songwriters in the world, and Kyu Sakamoto is a singer I loved so much when I was a kid and who had even appeared in my dreams. It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that I grew up with the songs of Kyu-chan and Hachidai-san such as “Ashita ga Aru sa.” To make things even better, the lyrics of “Ashita ga Aru sa” were written by Yukio Aoshima, who was also the lyricist for Crazy Cats which I had grown up with. These Showa songs were always in the back of my mind when I was writing music for “Amachan.” It was beyond my wildest dreams that I would get an opportunity to record “Ashita ga Aru sa” during this time with the members of the big band who had starred in “Amachan.” I hope I can share this amazing feeling with everyone. I believe that no matter what happens, there’s always tomorrow!

●Sachiko M
We have recorded “Ashita ga Aru sa” with some great members as part of the series of covers of famous songs that “NON Tomo.M”  always enjoys doing! Otomo-san’s wild idea actually came true. I feel that it’s almost a miracle that we can release such a recording of “Ashita ga Aru sa” during these times, which wouldn’t have been possible without the help of everyone. We hope to perform this on the stage someday, and we will announce an album based on the concept of imaginary showtime in anticipation of that. Please look forward to our announcement!

●Kyoko Koizumi
I participated in the recording of this song at the request of “NON Tomo.M” I’m sure NON-chan was the only person in the world who could have brought all these members together! I have no doubt that Non-chan’s positive message will touch the hearts of many people like the bright morning light.
We will come together again in the future whenever NON-chan raises her hand. After all, we are part of 3J Production. It’s okay if you don’t know what I’m referring to. (laughs)

●Toshinori Omi
NON had contacted me and asked if I could join in for this guest performance, and I casually agreed to it even though I was so nervous about the recording! But it turned out to be so fun!! I hope everyone who hears our recording will enjoy it and feel a little more positive.

●Minori Omi
This was a huge gathering of many people who had co-starred with NON-chan in the past, and I also participated as a cast member of “In This Corner of the World.” The MV featured many snippets from our recorded footage and the smiles of everyone made me really happy! I had a lot of fun during the recording as I could chat about different things under the sun with NON-chan, Otomo-san, and Sachiko-san. I hope we can all move forward with a smile on our faces by believing that there’s always tomorrow even during these difficult times. May this song bring joy to all of you too!

●Hairi Katagiri
I remember hearing this song when I went to a shopping mall in a neighboring town for the first time after the stay-at-home request was lifted, which made me shed a tear.
This song was a hit in the year I was born. I’m glad I could sing it together with my close friends whom I miss a lot. Let’s continue singing “Ashita ga Aru sa” as we move forward!

●Eri Watanabe
NON-chan had brought positivity to everyone in Japan with Amachan, and she’s doing it again during this COVID-19 pandemic.
She’s so innocent and pure.
It’s rare for these adjectives to apply to someone in the entertainment industry.
If NON-chan tells you that there’s always tomorrow, you can believe her.