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A first in the sumo world! Crowdfunding to take part in the hair-cutting ceremony of wrestler Baruto (February 8, 2014)

A rare event to take part in a sumo wrestler’s hair-cutting ceremony was offered through crowdfunding

On Saturday, February 8, 2014, the danpatsu-shiki (hair-cutting ceremony) of Baruto (formerly Ozeki Baruto) was held at Kokugikan.

A limited sale of rights to attend the hair-cutting ceremony was conducted through crowdfunding!
I think this was a rare trial allowing the general public to participate in this historic ceremony.
A portion of the proceeds went to Baruto’s social contribution activities (children’s sumo, etc.).

Admission ticket + handprint & autograph: 12,000 yen (limited to 50 people)
Admission ticket + photo with Baruto: 15,000 yen (limited to 20 people)
Participation in “Chanko-nabe Meal” with Baruto (formerly Ozeki Baruto): 20,000 yen
Admission ticket + post-event party: 30,000 yen (limited to 20 people)
Children’s sumo training: 50,000 yen (limited to 5 people)
Hair-cutting ceremony admission ticket + hair-cutting participation: 100,000 yen (limited to 10 people)
Mochitsuki (rice cake pounding) participation: 1,000,000 yen (limited to 5 people)
Accompaniment in baby’s shrine visit: 1,000,000 yen (limited to 3 people)

角界史上初!断髪に参加できる!バルト(元大関 把瑠都)の新たな門出を応援しよう! | クラウドファンディングサイト – ShootingStar(シューティングスター)