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2021: Exponential Year –Resuming Travel and Meetings with People–

In the long history of mankind, there probably has been no abnormal year like 2020.

People’s daily lives were interrupted around the world, and people also could not meet up.
This pause in life will likely bring immeasurable progress after the pandemic is over.
From 2021, many innovations await.

First, our concept of moving freely will greatly change.
In 2020 while the coronavirus shut us in, people realized how important traveling and meeting people were.
Railway companies will be abolished after many years of operation.

Automated driving will be short-lived, and short-distance travel will be done with Robotex EV cars and flying cars such as manned drones.

Long-distance travel will be like Elon Musk’s vision of “fly anywhere on Earth within an hour.” With a rocket (starship) traveling at 28,000 km/hour, it would take 39 minutes from New York to Shanghai. London to Dubai would be 29 minutes.

Nowadays, Zoom and online meetings are trending. But this is just a clerical means for work, and the fad will likely end.

In-person experiences cannot be substituted online. Mankind will overcome this disease and travel to every corner of the world more than ever before.

In addition, venturing into outer space will not end.

P.S. Photos show the ruins of Tamagusuku Castle.
The city of Nanjo has this sacred site connected to Ryukyu’s divine creator, the god Amami Kiyo.
Tamagusuku Castle, also known as Amatsuzu Castle, was built by Amami Kiyo according to legend. It’s a “power spot.”

This is also the last worship site for the Ryukyu King’s Agariumaai pilgrimage of sacred sites.

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