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Branding is the accumulated history of customer trust.

Allow me to share a story about values that everyone believes in.

If you ask 100 of your friends, “Do you recommend any healthy teas or supplements?” you will receive 100 different replies.

Sometimes, I ask acquaintances in other regions or overseas to find and tell me about stuff that is extremely good for your health. However, when it comes to a rare herb or an evidence-based supplement, nobody personally verifies whether that thing is good for his or her health. All one has is a vague feeling in one’s head.

Long, late-night commercials may promote some healthy compound in sesame seeds or the secret to long life by appealing to scientific backing, but no consumer personally tries to establish their evidence on their own.
Perhaps all the supplements I believe in are mere placebos that pass through my body without an effect.

Some people even say that drinking lots of coffee or taking in lots of caffeine is the secret to good health, so it’s not like having amazing properties is what makes something valuable.
If this is the case, then how should one explain things when one finds a great herb?
Is there no alternative to buying a large number of commercials to raise awareness?

I think that more than simply mass marketing is needed. One also needs branding that is unique to the social networking era.

Branding is the accumulation of trust. Building on a foundation of great products that are made with great craftsmanship, Hermès accumulated consumer trust with its refined design and skilled color sense. A history of trust becomes the brand value.

Now, let’s talk about Plectranthus ornatus.

This herb is also known as “Okinawan Mangericon.” It was brought over from Brazil a long time ago and appears to help greatly with diabetes by lowering blood sugar levels.

Bali, a friend in my neighborhood, gave me some picked from their garden. I steeped it in hot water and drank it. The taste was far less peculiar than I had imagined.
Okinawa has many herbs that can help prolong one’s lifespan. If it seems many people are interested in it, I might dry some, smoke it, and share it with others as a Mangericon tea.

For now, I’ll try drinking it daily.