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When a person’s mind is separated from their body, it goes on an inner journey

To break your mind out of lockdown, the best thing to do is connect with nature.

In 2020, the long periods we all had to spend at home made us more insular, both physically and emotionally.

The digital world is not the only place where we can be free.
The greatest value lies in our own imagination.

I think that recent booms in things like Zen and saunas were the result of people asking, “During this pandemic, how can we use as little physical movement as possible to create the richest imagination?”
Perhaps the human mind, when it becomes detached from a physical body via technology like Twitter and VR/AR, always ends up focusing itself inward.

I hope that a fantastic 2021 is waiting at the end of your inner journey!

I came to Itoman, which is next to the town where I live!
Lunch at 3 PEACE CAFE. You can go camping by the seaside here, and they also have horses!

The tiger’s claw (Deciduous tree in the legume family. Called “Shimakusara” in Okinawa.) is a 20 meter high, 150-year-old sacred tree that was selected as one of the Okinawa 100 Trees.

There is also Okinawa Bodhi Tree Park, which has some history with the 14th Dalai Lama. The park contains a tree grown from a cutting that was taken from the sacred Bodhi Tree, where the Buddha is said to have first attained enlightenment.