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Reflecting on Post-COVID-19 : Life, work, and the country in 2021 and beyond?!

In the next few years, what kind of era will we be living in?

What kind of people will companies look to hire?
– People who can make the most of unexpected opportunities (and redefine people and things to put them together)
– People with remote skills (who can transform ideas in their mind into real objects)
– People proficient in digital media (who are sensitive to new trends)

What kind of life will we be living?
Family-based consumption (home meals, personal offices, etc.)
Development of online learning (which will arouse more interest than school-based learning)
Revitalization of local communities (online barter trade, more efficient third-party assistance, etc.)

Work attitudes
Acquaintance-based economic zones (with the bulk of sales generated from the same business partners)
Waning interest in new projects on new continents
Acceleration of work style reforms due to digital transformation (more side jobs and weaker relationships between companies and individuals)

As for the country…
Stronger nationalist sentiments and slower decentralization of power
Transformation of physical public works into digital investment
Building stronger relationships with China (out of necessity)