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Effort is contagious.

Seeing somebody give their all can sometimes inspire you to give your all too.

The effort is contagious.

This kind of maximal effort is not forced by others. However, this doesn’t guarantee that it will always spring out from within you, either. This is why, when your boss or teacher shouts, “Give it your all!” you aren’t suddenly motivated to do so. So it’s not something to worry about.

The key to being able to give something your all is to find others who are doing the same.
When you see somebody giving their all, you will, for a time, be able to do so as well.

The photo shows the power spot Sefa-Utaki. The spot is located in Nanjo city and is designated as a World Heritage Site (Sefa-Utaki was one of the most prominent locations of worship in the religion of the native Ryukyuan people).

The spot is a sacred location created by Amamikyu, a god in the Ryukyuan religion and lies sleeping in a primeval forest.
Sangui, a huge triangular rock formation, is said to be a “place of balance” because of how the left and right boulders balance one another.

Within the sacred spot, there are six sanctuaries called “ibi.”
The triangular tunnel formed from giant rocks is called “Sangui.” Because of how the left and right boulders balance one another, it is considered to be a “place of balance.”
Upon proceeding through Sangui, on the left you can see and pray to Kudaka Island, which is also known as “the island of God.”