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Use heuristics to make your business unconventional!

The coming era will be one where unconventional ideas are critical.

As digital transformation progresses, AI will come to do most work.

An analysis of supermarket sales data found that beer was purchased alongside baby diapers. Sales rose when, as a result of this discovery, diapers were sold next to the beer.

The process of creating such hypotheses and testing them is called the “heuristic method” (a heuristic is a problem-solving approach that uses trial-and-error and rules of thumb).

This field, at first glance, seems like one where humans would excel. But AI excels here too. AI does not have preconceptions as humans do, so it can produce this kind of innovation.
If we are unable to believe in AI to this extent, we may be unable to newly discover our “humanity.”
To avoid being trapped by preconceptions, act before you think. This can help you discover solutions. If you stop to think, you will be unable to escape from the curse of your preconceptions.

This is also a reason why, in recent years, it is said that artistic brains are needed in business. In many cases, “left-brained” insights can open up new paths.
Believe in your intuition and your craziness.

The anecdote is partly taken from the “The Future of Medical Care: A Chronology”