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Speedy food-tech : Expanding the possibilities of food with the power of science! Creative Foods Vibes

Speedy food-tech

My first new business in 2021 will be in agriculture (food tech)!

This is not just about being self-sufficient with a kitchen garden.
This idea originated with the coronavirus, which made realize the threat that nature can pose to humans. I want to overcome this with the help of human wisdom (the power of science).
Having lived in Nanjo, Okinawa for a long period, I have been fascinated by its warm climate and fertile land. Here, I want to start a new form of agriculture that uses cutting-edge biotechnology.

Luckily, President Seikichi Shimoji of Okinawa Chosei Yakuso Headquarters LLC, which is known for its “Heavy Drinker’s Legend” (Shugo Densetsu) hangover cure, will provide us with a large area of land.
Also, my good friend Seijun Nishihata provides me with much good advice. I am incredibly grateful.
From March, we will use backhoes to service the land. We intend to produce the first results by the end of the year.

【Speedy food-tech】Overview

Concept: #CreativeFoodsVibes
– Use the power of science to expand the possibilities of food!
– Provide foods that help overcome adult diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure that hinder longevity
– Create foods that are resistant to global warming and drought, and eliminate hunger from the planet

Food menu
– Use genome-editing to develop vegetables and other plants (tomatoes, Plectranthus ornatus, etc.) that can help prevent adult diseases
– Research drought-resistant fruits that can be exported to areas suffering from food shortages (local bananas, papayas)
– Grow plant varieties resistant to typhoons and rainfall (olives, etc.)
* We are currently carefully selecting the plants to be grown.

Cultivation philosophy
We will break completely from traditional human farming methods and attempt to operate using advanced technologies.
– Smartphone control of wind and water
– Rational management by drones and robots
– Hurricane Fabric to protect against typhoons

To eat foods that are robust to global environments and promote longevity
We eat more pesticide-covered fruits and vegetables than necessary.
Promote foods that use the latest scientific discoveries such as AI and the genome-editing of crops to reduce adult diseases!

More news is coming soon!