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Coronavirus thoughts: Building necessary medical facilities with 3D printing

Rendered image of 3D printing technology that uses Vulcan concrete [source: New Story]

Let’s think carefully about this.

In the 11 months from February to December 2020, there were 641 clusters in Tokyo.
The breakdown of the clusters is as follows: 174 cases (27%) in companies, 94 cases (15%) in medical institutions, 90 cases (14%) in elderly care facilities, and 85 cases (13%) in restaurants.

It is clear why this current request for self-quarantine has been less effective than the previous one. First, they haven’t stopped school. Examinations were even held in common. There is a high likelihood that children and adolescents who are asymptomatic will go on to infect the elderly. To start, the same measures should be taken as before.

Companies should operate on a thoroughly remote basis. This should be enforced with the same near-compulsory strictness imposed on restaurants. Generally, there is no problem with working remotely. I hear the commuter trains are crowded… it’s ridiculous!

Then there are the medical institutions and the elderly. Instead of saying that there aren’t enough hospitals, why doesn’t the government build temporary facilities in the same manner that China has? We live in an era where buildings can be constructed in a single night with 3D printing technology.

Also, among developed countries, Japan is the only one where vaccination policy is unclear. What are you doing! This is a problem with the government’s ability to execute. They’re so bad at executing that it’s barely worth talking about.

Restaurant clusters are the least common. Yet, everyone is stoically doing their best.
In other words, no matter how you think about it, the current disaster in Japan was caused by politics.

Thinking linearly and simply extrapolating from yesterday to tomorrow will produce no new insights. What we need now is a “science fiction sensibility” where one makes and tests assumptions. This will allow us to innovate. With innovation, you can’t just do what everyone else is doing.

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