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The trendy invitation-only audio social networking app Clubhouse combines LINE and Twitter for a radio-like service!

Yay, Clubhouse is fun!

Audio is great.
The app feels like a combination of LINE and Twitter.

I was immediately able to connect and speak with talented people. It is nice how Clubhouse flattens the relationship of the participants. It refines your sensibilities.

The screenshots below are explained from top to bottom:
On The Trip’s Mr. Naruse makes his debut.

The middle shot is from Naoki Sakai’s debut and features an all-star cast. We talked about how impressive Nidec Corporation’s EV module is.

Below that is my first event. With some fumbling by the moderator, President Takayama of OkuriBunt, and the mysterious case of the missing Naoki Sakai, things were off to a thrilling start. But then Akira Takatoriya, who is famous in the Middle East, suddenly arrived to save the day. IT critic Kazuhiro Obara also arrived to help us out. The event made me feel the potential of Clubhouse.
This is the first fun social networking service to arrive in a while.

Clubhouse is an invitation-only audio social networking app released in 2020 by the software developer Alpha Exploration Co.

Paul Davison, co-founder and CEO of Alpha Exploration Co., is an entrepreneur from San Francisco who graduated from Stanford University in 2002 (and obtained his MBA from the same institution in 2007).
From 2016 to 2018, he was in the utility department at Pinterest, working on things like UI.

As of December 2020, the platform was valued at close to $100 million. By January 21, 2021, its valuation had reached US $1 billion.
The app has 2 million active users per week. (As of January 25, 2021)

Currently, there is only an iPhone app and no Japanese version. Invitations are also limited to only two people. (There is a theory that, if you are active, you will be able to invite additional accounts)
To send an invitation, you need to know the invitee’s phone number, so only trusted friends will be connected.

The possibilities of this social networking app are…

・Safe social networking
・People who are tired of unfamiliar social networking platforms can create safe and secure communities for only their friends.
・Ability to grow your trust network by having friends introduce friends on the spot.
・Showing only first names under icons allows for a flat relationship between young people and those in higher positions.
・Because the app is audio-only and keeps no logs, you can, like with a Zoom meeting, participate without posturing.
・Strangers can join in on inside jokes among friends. (Rooms can be set up as either open or closed)
・Moderators (green star under icon) can add friends to a room. (Additional moderators can be added to a room while it is live)
・If a room features many people, you can invite who you like from among the participants and leave that circle.
・From a business perspective, I think that dating services (haha) will start using it.
・If you have a lot of followers (called a “Clubhouser”), you can also use the app to do something similar to a talk or a radio show. ・Since things will only be available in real-time and no logs are kept, you can enjoy speaking spontaneously.
・Depending on the community, you can join in and listen along like a radio program.


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Clubhouse announces plans for creator payments and raises new funding led by Andreessen Horowitz

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