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“Kigeki Osome Yotaro Chindochu,” the Play in Which Eri Watanabe and Norita Yashima Play Osome and Yotaro (Tokyo: February 1st – 17th, 2021)

I went to Eri Watanabe-san’s play with the singer Ray Yamada!
Sure enough, live stage performances are nice.

There was the giant insect of Hakone, Eri-san’s wonderful singing, and Yashima-san’s nimble action. Finally, I teared up at the end~

All of you! Go visit Shinbashi Enbujo, which has thorough measures to prevent the three conditions that facilitate the transmission of infectious diseases (closed spaces, crowds, and close contact). It was really interesting.

“Kigeki Osome Yotaro Chindochu” Showing in February 2021
Tokyo: February 1st (Mon) – 17th (Wed), 2021 at Shinbashi Enbujo
Kyoto: February 21st (Sun) – 27th (Sat), 2021 at Kyoto Shijo Minami-za

“Kigeki Osome Yotaro Chindochu” premiered under the title “Yotaro Meoto Tabi” at Meijiza in March 1979.
The writer Isamu Onoda paired with Norihei Miki, the extraordinary comedy actor, to complete a slapstick chindochu (incident-filled journey) that is focused on rakugo stories while incorporating kabuki scenarios.

An “imperfect chindochu (incident-filled journey),” in which Eri Watanabe and Norita Yashima play Osome and Yotaro.
Yosuke Tagawa, Takashi Ukaji, Kenichi Ishii, Atsushi Fukazawa, Shiho Harumi, Naoya Ishibashi, Ryo Mitsuya, Yoshiki Arizono, Saiko Isshiki, Yuriko Hirooka, Michiko Ameku, and Tokuma Nishioka are featured as people they meet.