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Inquiry by search! Are women or men more talkative?

Are women or men more talkative?
On February 3, Chairman Yoshiro Mori caused an uproar around the world from his remarks at a Japanese Olympic Committee (JOC) board of trustees meaning. There, he stated, “Meetings with women take a long time because women speak for too long at meetings.”
In this post, I’ll put aside talk of Chairman Mori’s character or calls for his resignation.
I was purely curious whether men or women were more talkative, so I did some research. Going by feel, it seems that men are in general less eloquent, often lose to women in discussions, and are less talkative than women. But what is really the case?
◆ Research 1
There is an article in Forbes written by Kim Elsesser, a psychologist who is knowledgeable about gender theory.
“In one review of 56 studies examining which sex talks more, Deborah James and Janice Drakich found only two of the studies revealed women talked more than men. A whopping 34 of the studies showed the opposite—that men talked more than women.”
However, this is old research from 1993. If we need to dig out a 30-year-old paper to reach this conclusion, it lacks scientific persuasiveness. I would like to see more research. I cannot accept this article without questioning.
↓ This is the paper
◆ Research 2
In her 2006 book “The Female Brain,” Louann Brizendine, a neuroscientist at the University of California, wrote that women speak 20,000 words a day and men speak 7,000, pointing out gender differences in conversation.
“Female Brain Characteristics and Behavior – Deep Psychology Mechanism” (Japanese title)
This is also old research from 15 years ago, and I don’t understand the premise. I downloaded the book on Audible, so I’ll give it a listen.
◆ Research 3
According to an analysis article supervised by Professor Daisuke Yamamoto of Tohoku University’s Graduate School of Life Science, the female brain is about 20% larger than the male brain. By observing the growth process of boys and girls, one finds that girls begin to speak earlier than boys. Also, in the case of girls, this happens because the part of the brain that governs language function develops faster. This is scientific and interesting.
Why do girls learn to speak earlier?
…So, from my quick search, I could not figure out whether males or females are more talkative.
I think, in the end, it depends on the person. It is a human trait to want to decide things based on blood type some other pattern. However, by putting these patterns into rigid categories, I think we weaken our ability to recognize and accept diversity.
However, the problem with Chairman Mori’s remarks lies not in the particulars of how women speak. Rather, I think, the problem is in his claim that women’s remarks make meetings needlessly long. This is discriminatory, a false accusation, and something that makes others think, “Are men stupid?”
* The photo is from a long time ago.
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