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Why I’m not on YouTube: The coming age of publishing and radio

A Zoom call with Yukio Kitsukawa and Toshie Tanaka.
It made me think again about the meaning of publishing.
Why don’t I express myself on YouTube?
Perhaps it is because I feel there is meaning in the lack of immediacy that comes with published media.
Books, in order to convey something worth their market value, must have their contents carefully examined and thought out. There is meaning in this.
I’m not saying things are useless if they are free. Rather, the lack of an editor’s (marketer’s) perspective, which helps to properly convey the writer’s message, is what makes me feel like there is no value.
Books can be understood on a deeper level if you speak with or become friends with the author.
In this sense, they have an affinity with social media. However, the idea that one should make a book because one has many followers is completely wrong.
Speaking with Ms. Tanaka, who is a skilled editor, I can feel a professional’s aesthetic sensibilities.
She says she has been to Bhutan thirteen times. A passion for an idea so strong that the editor herself wants to make it into a book. This passion, I’m sure, is what has given the book its form.
I’m looking forward to reading it over the weekend.
“Why the Bhutanese Royal Family Is So Well-Loved”
Toshie Tanaka’s homepage
This year, I want to continue to pursue self-expression that is based around writing.
Publishing and radio are, I believe, the media forms that will grow during the COVID-19 pandemic.