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Chef Kenichiro Okada opens “Okada Mae” in Azabujuban!

Chef Kenichiro Okada recently opened his “Okada Mae” restaurant in Azabujuban, so I visited at once to celebrate. The restaurant’s name comes from fans’ wishes to eat meat in front of Mr. Okada (in Japanese, “mae” means “in front of”).
Kenichiro Okada and I are both from Osaka and are both the same age. We’re contemporaries from the bubble generation.
After half a lifetime filled with incredible ups and downs, he’s opened a new restaurant. There is something deeply moving about this.
Our generation has been at the mercy of the times. We entered society during Japan’s bubble economy, debuting with incredible speed and enthusiasm.
After that, the bubble burst. Then, there was the Great East Japan Earthquake and the coronavirus. It is not an exaggeration to say that several hundred years were compressed into fifty-five.
The here and now is what has followed from a roller coaster of repeated successes and failures. Many people disappeared due to economic failures. The common trait shared by those who, like Mr. Okada, continue to shine on is, I think, a “mature kindness.” Only a professional who understands the pain in peoples’ hearts is capable of having this.
For those interested, I suggest trying Mr. Okada’s meat dishes that are filled with this “mature kindness.”

Why Kenichiro Okada, a darling of the restaurant industry, is launching a new business at age 55

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