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Innovation as seen from in-drama lifestyles

Around spring of last year, when COVID-19 began, I started watching the TV drama “Suits” on Netflix. I watched eight seasons in a flash.
The final episode of Season 8 was somewhat of a happy ending, so I thought that the series might have finished. It had continued since 2011 for nine years.
Recently, I then learned that the final Season 9, which aired in 2019, was available on U-NEXT.

In 2020, when everyone was experiencing “stay home” for the first time, I watched it as an escape from reality. Now, with more self-quarantine experience, I can afford to think calmly about the background behind the drama.
I think the drama is very similar to the Japanese series “Hanzawa Naoki.”

There is absolutely no innovation!

The value system is always company-first. When the banker Hanzawa Naoki finds out he has been demoted, he looks like he has been sentenced to death. “Suits” is this plus a little romance.

The characters that appear in these two dramas never set up a second residence or a new lifestyle within a hobby community. They just work on and on without end.

Everything is in the 20th century style of work. They go to the office as if they they were going to the factory. I think viewers two decades from now will be surprised. Paralegals can be replaced by AI. Secretaries can go online. Physical files can be stored in the cloud.

Even in the 21st century, it is surprising to see old films of bank robberies. I think, “Wow, they stilled stored cash back then.” Once we live in a cashless society and a blockchain world, I think we will see bank robberies as some sort of corporate teambuilding exercise. You can’t have bank robberies without hackers!

The film “Phone Booth” (2002) is about the protagonist (Colin Farrell) being unable to leave a phone booth because he is being targeted by a sniper. Such booths don’t exist anymore.

Post-coronavirus, we will no longer have “Suits”, ties, or even offices.

In this sense, Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey” will not fade away. Scenes of worry about betrayal by AI in outer space continue to be a reality today.

I do not mean to say one must innovate in films and dramas. They can be good for passing the time, but otherwise you want entertainment that is more intellectually stimulating!