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Ten years have passed… Yesterday gives no guarantee of tomorrow

Morning comes to us all in the same way.
But we do not all spend that coming day in the same manner.
That day ten years ago began with a morning like any other.
Ten years have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake.
For many in the Tohoku region, it was a day when ordinary life suddenly shattered. Surely, none imagined that their tomorrow would be like the day that came.
Humans are born into this world and, if nothing happens, they will likely live for 80 years or so. But there is no such guarantee.
This feeling of powerlessness that comes when lives are stolen away by the forces of nature… To whom should we the survivors direct our anger?
Life offers no guarantees—this I know. That is why we who survive must live on with all that we have while understanding the precious and ephemeral nature of our lives.
I will do my best to truly be able to treasure each day that comes. This, I believe, is a way to make amends to the dead.
I would like to make this a day where I do not forget those who lost their lives in the earthquake or the sadness of those families who lost someone dear to their hearts.
Whatever happens, I want to be thankful for the peaceful days that come.