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Speedy Farm :Eliminating hunger from Earth and promoting longevity

About Speedy Farm.

When I said “I’m going to be a farmer!”, most people’s response was something like, “a home garden sounds great!” or “Oh, like gardening?” (lol)
No, I’m actually going to start a farming “business”.

Due to COVID-19, the number of air cargo has declined sharply, increasing the cost of importing food. Japan also has a low food self-sufficiency rate.
On the other hand, population aging has caused an increase in depopulated rural towns and we have a surplus of agricultural land!
So, I leased a large swath of agricultural land in Okinawa to start a farming business that uses IoT and robotics that eliminates the need for huge manpower.


– Growing food that contributes to longevity
Learning about Okinawa’s medicinal herbs that support longevity under my mentor, Seikichi Shimoji, the entrepreneur who turned the Shugo Densetsu supplement into a hit, and networking with my more experienced counterparts in Okinawa
– Growing rare food that is not available in Japan
Import seedlings from overseas and use induced meristems to purely culture new cells. My comrade, Seijun Nishihata is supporting me in this!
– Deliver it to everyone directly from the farm
Using D2C models such as “Tabechoku”
– Come up with the best design, brand name, packaging, and copywriting to create a unique brand.

I am planning to start up a large farm measuring around 10 hectares (almost 100,000 square meters) in a speedy manner.
Please look forward to it!