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NON x Yoshitomo Nara x Stella McCartney: Contemporary artist Yoshitomo Nara’s first collaboration with the fashion brand “Stella McCartney”

Stella McCartney spoke of this collaboration, “Young people today are open-minded and have few biases, and many of them think of gender in a flexible way. The punk attitude of young people towards the status quo was the source of inspiration for our collaboration with the legendary artist Yoshitomo Nara. Like his approach to his works, young people of this generation have brought about social change through their own self-expression.”

Yoshitomo Nara explained the motivation behind this collaboration, “I wanted to collaborate with Stella McCartney because I believe that, as a person even before she was a designer, she has very clear ideas about the state of society and environmental issues, ideas that she has reflected through the way she lives.”

Models for this collaboration include the actress and creative artist NON, actor and model Airu Kubozuka, stylist Michiko Kitamura, and others, including Nara himself.

Stella McCartney Shared
Photographer: Chikashi Suzuki
Videographer: Chikashi Suzuki, Yuki “Jelly” Miyazaki
Stylist: Michiko Kitamura (Airu Kubozuka), Ayano Nakai (NON, Yoshitomo Nara)
Hair and makeup: Takeshi (Airu Kubozuka), Shie Kanno (NON, Yoshitomo Nara)
Music (Film): Gento Uchida
Website: https://www.stellamccartney.com/jp

All eyes are on Stella McCartney’s Shared collection, Yoshitomo Nara’s first collaboration with a fashion brand | Bijutsutecho