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Launching Speedy CryptoArt (NFT art)


I have been thinking about how we can create a new form of art that is unique to the 21st century.

Speedy Euro OÜ (located in Estonia), an affiliate company of Speedy, is now involved in crypto art, which has been attracting a lot of attention after an almost unknown artist’s work was sold at auction for a high price.

Specifically, Speedy Euro OÜ will convert the works of artists, including digital and VR artists, curated by Speedy Group into NFTs, primarily Ethereum, and bring them to major marketplaces around the world such as OpenSea, Rarible, Nifty Gateway, Zora, Super Rare, etc.

◆ Speedy CryptoArt Concept
Art that can be enjoyed for a long time
– Enjoy art online through VR art galleries.
The art can be viewed in virtual 3D spaces such as PlayStation® VRapp “Tilt Brush,” Oculus, etc.
– Artworks will be exhibited on monitors in our gallery in Los Angeles.
Works to be auctioned will be broadcasted via a live stream for anyone to bid on the spot.
– Merchandise inspired by the works will be on sale at our gallery and on our e-commerce website.
The owners of these works can earn royalties from the sale of the merchandise.

What Speedy Group can do
– Technical expertise – Speedy Euro OÜ (Estonia)
– Gallery operations – Speedy Gallery (Los Angeles)
– Art curation – Speedy China

◆ Project Background
Comment from Atsushi Fukuda:
“Since March 11th, 2021, Beeple’s art was sold at a high price at the auction has allowed crypto art (NFT art) to be widely recognized.

For crypto art to become a new form of contemporary art, the works must be able to hold their value for a long time while satisfying the curiosity of art lovers.

I launched a physical gallery specializing in VR art in Tokyo in 2016, and I founded Speedy Euro OÜ, an Estonia-based blockchain consulting firm, in 2018, where I will fully dive into the curation of crypto art.

Looking back even further, I have been developing digital content for 20 years since 2002.
The digital content market has grown into a huge market through i-mode, LINE stamps, players paying for items in games, etc., due to the important feature of “reproduction” in the digital realm.

While digital art has a long history led by Ars Electronica, it had been unable to generate sufficient value as it is impossible to keep individual works unique. However, with the new technology of non-fungible tokens (NFT), which is the same technology used in cryptocurrency, it has now become possible to create unique works of digital art. NFTs can permanently mark a work with the artist’s identity, and even the work’s transaction history, in a manner that is impossible to tamper with. This ensures that the artist’s rights are protected and that royalties will be paid even if the work changes hands.

I believe that this is the perfect moment for us to convert works of digital art into NFTs and bring them to the global market.”

◆ Service Overview
Brand: Speedy CryptoArt
Commencement: April, 2021
Operation by: Speedy Euro OÜ
Board members: Atsushi Fukuda, Agnes Aistleitner, Umi Morikawa
Established: May, 2018
Office: Narva mnt 5, 10117 Tallinn, Estonia
Contact: crypotart@spdy.jp
(Available in English, Japanese and Chinese)
Official Website: TBA

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And finally! Launching CryptoArt (NFT art) in April 2021!

◆ VR Artworks

©Shukou Tsuchiya

© Kasumi Yoshida