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DX in the 21st century overrides the jobs of the 20th century

The U.S. government has identified 46 new occupations to add to the existing ones (2016).
Many of them are health-related (Wellness) and IT-related. Even among the health-related occupations, the work of Behavior Analysts and Bioinformatics Scientists may be grouped into the information industry.

Car manufacturers will also shift from the manufacturing industry to the information industry as the shift to EVs continues. iPhone with wheels is the Apple Car.

If we think about it in this way, technologists who can express artistic ideas using NFT and AI (think of Daito Manabe of Rhizomatiks) are also considered artists, but they can also be considered people in the information industry.

This is not about the definition of work, but rather about how the 21st century requires DX with IT. If a sushi chef just buys fish and serves sushi at the restaurant, it is the same as it was in the Edo period. But, if he creates a database of his customers’ fish preferences and uses AI to make recommendations, or if he uses dynamic pricing based on the crowd information, he is then no longer a sushi chef but a data scientist specializing in sushi.

This does not mean that doing things based on intuition is old-fashioned. Intuition is a hypothesis, and to prove that hypothesis, some new technologies can be added to the work that existed until the 20th century to make it more relevant to the 21st century. That is what DX is all about.

These are the 46 newest jobs identified by the US government — Quartz