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The outcome of the CEO’s “First Errand”

There is a long-running Japanese TV show called “First Errand”.
A 3–4 years old kid tries to find their way, counts the amount of money wrongly, but successfully completes their shopping and returns to their mother. How touching.
However, the top executive of the most prestigious business seems to be utterly unable to run a simple “errand”!
When asked to purchase something, the executive forgot to check if the item is really there or when it would arrive, and yet returned and said pridefully, “I got it, I got it.”
Anticipating the subordinates to at least ask “Boss, may I ask the delivery date?”, I was astounded when everyone said, “I’m sure it’ll come in due time since it’s a discussion between the top executives.”
They don’t even have a letter of agreement, let alone a contract. This idiocy kept repeating and thanks to the absence of the item, we are forced to stay at home just like we had to a year ago and have even been fined and faced many difficulties.
Come on, I thought you said a year ago that we either buy it or manufacture it ourselves!
…Maybe I should just admit that I was an idiot to work at this third-rate company in the first place and find a job elsewhere.