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XR World Integrates the Real and Virtual World, replacing Actors, Models, and Filming Locations

Snapping a photo in the world’s cutting-edge 3D scanning room with the multi-creator, Roland Kirishima.
CyberHuman Productions, where Mr. Kirishima is an executive, is developing cutting-edge technology like AI, 3DCG, Photogrammetry, and XR to create a new world.
They can completely turn actors into avatars that can act with a CG background or in real-time. Extended Reality (XR) is a dream come true.
With the proliferation of 5G, the avatars will also be able to serve customers remotely in real-time. Making the world of science fiction a reality will enable exponential social growth.

From VR/AR to Extended Reality (XR) Case Study: Katy Perry’s live video on a TV show